Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski

       If we could take a year off and seek to know an existential moment would we take it? And what would we find? Existential is defined as something affecting one’s existence.
        Since we are, according to the author, both body and spirit, we need to take time to develop our spiritual body, the unseen part of us. Action and contemplation need to be balanced.
        Yankoski asks us to go in depth in three areas: with self, with God and with others. As presented here it takes time. In this age of instant gratification it is a discipline learned.
        This subject is not for the person who likes easy, no sacrifice answers. But it is needed for those who want a rich mystic experience.
        I was sent this book free from for review. I wasn’t sure what I was getting. I was not required to give an interview gushing with praise. I found this book to grow on you. There are things to think about, if you are honest with yourself.
Being well written and progressively stimulating it becomes hard to put down. It is worth the time spent in digesting it. It is not written in a scholarly manner so anyone can interact with it.

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