Thursday, July 31, 2014

Learning To Breathe Fire by J. C. Herz

How far would you go to be fit? What type of exercise program would you sign up for?
There is a movement in the area of physical wellness that goes beyond the yearly gym memberships that are so famous. It is called Crossfit.
This is a way of life. You either do it or you stay away. You are either crazy for abuse or enjoy strength effort and cardio stress. It is a twenty minute routine of pull-ups, box jumps, and bell swings. Each box, that is what the locations are called, is free to set the routine up any way they like.
Yet this is something that has grown. I couldn’t keep up the pace, but enough have responded to this movement there are games held annually.
This is not a membership driven yearly payment deal.  Those type of organizations are referred to as Global-Gyms. Pay your yearly fee and be a member with no need to show up and use the equipment. In fact, a global-gym would prefer you hand them the money and never use the facilities.
Not so with Crossfit. It is a commitment. You show up because you want to be there.
Herz gives the stories of movers within the program. In  Crossfit it isn’t important that you win the event but that you finish. She goes behind the scene, so to speak, and lets the reader see the characters.
It is a book that will be enjoyed by exercise enthusiasts and trainers. The style is easy to digest so it doesn’t seem to slow down and bore the reader.
I received this book free from bloggingforbook to be reviewed. I was not required to give a positive review. Any opinions expressed are those of the book reviewer and not those of the publisher.

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