Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I, Saul by Jerry Jenkins

What if when Paul mentioned to bring his parchments he was talking about his memoirs?
Paul is in prison awaiting his death. It is AD 67. Only Luke is with him, ministering to his needs as the physician he is. What if Paul wants Luke to take the parchments and copy them and keep them safe? What if Paul stores them somewhere and over time they get lost?
 What if, in the twenty first century, the parchment is found. Now there are people who want to repress it for political reasons. A call is made to a young professor, Augustine Knox, from a tour guide in Rome to come help him keep the document from falling into the wrong hands.
The story is told using multiple viewpoints and the frame of two time periods. We have the period of AD 67 in the dungeon with Paul awaiting execution and we have the twenty first century with a seminary professor. We follow as Knox goes to Rome to help a tour guide, Roger, who is hiding from the authorities because he has a document that is supposed to be the memoirs of Paul.
 Jenkins handles the periods well and   keeps the suspense heightened.
 Jenkins has always been a good Christian fiction writer and this adds to his bibliography of great tales. I can see a this is volume one of a series.
          Augie groaned. “That’s how many photocopies I have, Georgio. The memoir is incomplete.”
         “You think Klaudios held some back?”
          “I have no idea who did this or when. All I know is that pages are missing.”
  I will be looking forward to the continuation.
  I, Saul

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