Friday, February 7, 2014

Futureville by Skye Jethani

Your vision of the future will determine your present lifestyle. How we decide what matters today, Jethani postulates, cannot be separated from what we believe about tomorrow. If we see a bright tomorrow we live today with hope. If we don’t see a bright tomorrow we trend to live pessimistically. We determine what is a meaningful life by understanding the present in light of the future.
Yet this book is not so much about the future but the present. Jethani starts with the vision of the future the generation viewing the 1939 World’s Fair had. There was hope offered in what was presented. It shaped the vision that the people had of the present. Their today was defined by the tomorrow they saw.
 Since that day we have been presented with a different picture of tomorrow.
 What happened? We got our eyes off the picture God presents in the Bible.
 Throughout history our viewpoint and understanding for our purpose has changed. The puritans had a view that Christ not labor was man’s highest calling.
 Os Guinness has said, “First and foremost we are called to Someone (God) not to something (such as motherhood, politics, or teaching) or to somewhere ( such as the inner city or Outer Mongolia)
  I found this book to be an idea stimulator and a call to adjust your view of the future.  I like it and recommend it for all who need to reconsider the present meaning of their life.  It will be a welcome addition to the library of counselors who aren’t afraid of presenting alternate viewpoints.
  I received this book free from BookSneeze for review purposes and any viewpoint expressed is mine and not the publisher’s. I was not required to give a positive review.

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