Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crash The Chatterbox by Steven Furtick

I was sent this book free from Multnomah book publishers to review. It has the subtitle of Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others. That subtitle explains the thesis of the book.
 Furtick puts forth that we can learn to hear the voice of God to combat the ever present internal self speak we walk around with when it comes to self image. Being a student of the word of God and having memorized portions of it we should, he contends, be able to talk back to the voice. He contends that the voice isn’t our own but that of the enemy of the Christian.
The book is formatted into three sections: God says that I am, God says He will, and God says He has. In each section Furtick charts a plan for us to work with our chatter. He illustrates his points with scripture to ground the reader in reality.
There is so much chatter going on in the realm of out though life that we need to have a plan to control it. Furtick offers an easy to read and understand book. He even offers a website for deeper exploration of this subject.
There are even discussion points at the end of the book for those who want to do small groups. The tone is at the level of the common Christian reader and would help all who wish to do the study. I recommend this for people who want to go deeper.
As I said above I received this book free to review from Multnomah book publishers. I was not required to give a positive review. Any viewpoints expressed are those of the reviewer and not the publisher.

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