Monday, November 25, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

           It has been on the best sellers list for a few weeks and is no longer there. I decided  to see what it was that was so attractive about it. I had read his earlier work The Da Vinci Code   which was a stretch but also a good read.
            In this book Brown tells a fast paced ever moving tense tale. It is plot driven not character driven. He seems to be a one theme writer.
            Once again Professor Robert Langdon is involved. In The Da Vinci Code the main  clue was a panting of the Mona Lisa. Here Brown uses the poem The Inferno by Dante Alighieri as the focal point.
            The story moves disjointedly from scene to scene. The use of flashbacks slows the story and is not very well executed. The plot is thin but for people who like action it may not be noticed.   Unbelief has to be suspended too far.  The ending is unsatisfactory.
            Brown is a formula writer and I think he has reduplicated what little fame he got with The Da Vinci Code. .  He will not be remembered years after he dies. But then how many writers really survive?
I would suggest that a person check it out of the library and save their money. That is if they want to read it. There must be people out there who do or else he wouldn’t have been on the best sellers list for a while.

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