Wednesday, November 20, 2013

C. S. Lewis: A life by Alister McGrath

         He is still popular even though he thought he would fade from importance. C. S. Lewis (1898 to 1963) an Irish man whom people now consider a British gentleman, was a scholar who aso was able to connect with the common man. He probably never wanted the fame he got.
       McGrath writes a more complete biography of C. S. Lewis. The other biographers of  Lewis had known him. McGrath had only the diaries and writings to depend upon. He does a good job.
      Lewis  was not a theologian in the sense of an ordained clergy. He was just an ordinary man living life. He was a prolific writer and seemed to enjoy scholarship.
     He soon sensed that good literary techniques could better express the deeper truth he was discovering. From 1898 to 1930 he was a atheist. He became a Christian in 1930, McGrath explores that fact well, not a Christian of any denomination or affiliation.
     During the sixties Lewis was almost forgotten but Americans became interested in his works, especially Mere Christianity, that his writings became read again.
     His Narnia Tales have been made into movies, at least the first three..
.   A time line is included at the end of the book.
    This is a welcome addition to the other biographies of Lewis.

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