Friday, May 31, 2013

Threat Vector by Tom Clancy

            Clancy has done it again. He has written another book in the  series of thrillers centering on threats to the safety of civilization. 
            The usual cast is here. There is Jack Ryan, Mary Pat, Jack Jr, John Clark, Ding Chavez. Jack has been re-elected president so the ball is in his court..
            China has decided to declare war on America. This war is begun over cyberspace. A hacker has found a way into the computers of the government. No one is safe. Not even the secret organization  known as the Campus. The drones have been cyber attacked and are compromised.
            President Ryan has to hold things together. John Clark has retired because of his hand injury incurred earlier in the series. .Someone is killing other hackers. The Campus has an spy within it. Iran is once again involved.
         All the characters are here in this plot driven 823 page thriller. The battle between good and evil is on. The two super powers, China and the United States come face to face. Ryan wants to use the Campus but realizes it has been compromised. It has to remain a secret from the world or it is useless. The world must be kept from war.
        Clancy is still in control of the genre. Fans of  the Clancy novels will not be disappointed.
        For those who want to buy the book I will have a link to Amazon below. It will be both in print and in Kindle.
Threat Vector (Jack Ryan Novels) In Print
Threat Vector (Jack Ryan Novels) In Kindle

   I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.

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