Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Post-Church Christian by J. Paul Nyquist and Carson Nyquist

         The church needs to keep growing and modifying.
This book written by a father and son who are both pastors and of different generations, the father is a baby boomer and the son is a millennial. It looks at what has to be done to have a church that millennial can call their own.
We unfortunately are living in a post church age. We boomers did our best but we need to ask forgiveness for what we were unable to do. Boomers were a little too strict and narrow minded. We need to ask forgiveness of the millennial. We did the best and we have not been the best model.
“The reputation of Christians in the world today is something of a patchwork. The world has been exposed to many flavors of Christianity.”
            Paul Nyquist, the president of Moody Bible Institute and his son Carson Nyquist  have sat down and dialogued between generations. The millennials are 800 million strong. They were born from 1982 to 2000. Most have been affirmed, prodded, molded but not often criticized. They also grew up in a church and mastered many technological gadgets. The land they grew up in was overloaded with debt and unable to control spending.
            Nyquist, the father, states, “This book is written to you and others in the millennial generation. We don’t want to describe you, we want to talk with you.”
            If we boomers need to ask forgiveness the millennials need to grant forgiveness.
            This book offers a beginning and is well written. I recommend it for those who want to understand the millennial and for those who are millennials.
            To get a copy of this book I will offer a link to Amazon below.
The Post-Church Christian: Dealing with the Generational Baggage of Our Faith

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