Friday, February 22, 2013

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

The story starts out as a mystery and gradually becomes a story of attraction between two law officers. He from the FBI and her as a homicide investigator. As the story goes on we discover she is also a writer of true crime fiction based on the friends around her.
            She also has secrets. She has nightmares based on her present book she is working on.
            Two plots are going on. Plot one is a case centered around of the lady killer who sends tapes of contracts to murder done in the past..
            This book can’t be placed completely in the genre of mystery even though there is a murderer out there called the lady shooter. She sends letters to Paul offering tapes that are of old murders. She only killed people whom she was contracted to kill. The tapes would expose who issued the contracts, It seems there is government involvement.
            The second plot has to do with romance. And the process of attraction. Paul is falling in love with Ann who is the other main character in the story. She is the homicide investigator who has big secrets.
            It intensifies as the John Doe case is opened and the former VP of the United States pulls both Paul and Ann in to close the case. This case is linked to the lady shooter case.
            The story is multi-view point. It is mostly from Paul’s point of view.
            This book will hold the interest of romantics. The mystery is secondary to the romance.
            The author is not afraid to bring her faith into the mix. Both main characters are Christian. This adds another dimension to the story.
            This is recommended highly by a person who is not into romance. Give me a good mystery over romance any day.

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