Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley

           This book by Andy Stanley, the son of Charles Stanley, is a much needed book for decision making time. It doesn’t matter what your belief system is. This book puts forth a question that if asked and acted upon can chance your understanding of life.
            Well. Maybe not life. But at least your personal activities.
            Stanley wants you to ask “What is the wise thing to do?”
            This book is subtitled “A revolutionary Approach To Decision Making.”
            Simple. And it is not as  easy as it sounds. We are talking here about decision making. Most of us don’t want anyone to interfere with our decisions.
            Should I buy this item with no cash down? Will this hair cream make me look sexy? Should I be alone with that good looking guy? I have a credit card. I can pay it off in installments, so what is the harm?
            Stanley zeros in on three area we all have to deal with: Our time, our finances and our morality. Three areas that we all have.
            I found this book convicting. These are the areas that I have often looked back and said, “If only…”  Now I have to live with the consequences.. For example, in the area of finances there is the payments. In the area of morality there is the memories..
            The scripture passages Stanley gives are the type that you should hide in your heart. This book I would recommend.
            It was sent  to me free from WaterBrook Multinomah Publishing Group for this review. I was not required to give a positive review. Any opinions expressed are the reviewers and do not reflect the views of the publisher.

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