Friday, December 14, 2012

Soul's Gate by James L. Rubart

        Unknown to us there are demons around us along with elect angels. What if there was a team of people who could tap into the spiritual realm and fight these forces of evil? What would their training be like? What if they could not only pray against these forces but actually see with their spiritual eyes the enemy forces?
Rupert is beginning a series of novels that have the theme of spiritual warfare. He is calling them Well Spring Novels. Well Spring is the training ground. Four people have been chosen to undergo training about spiritual warfare.  The demons are fighting back.
Rupert is attempting to expose an area of influence that many are unaware of. He does it as a story teller. In this he is like Jesus who told stories to get points across. Hiding the kernel within the story makes it easier for us to grasp the truth.
                Of course it is a plot driven book. Tension is heightened as each one of the four individuals encounter in the flesh a demon who tries hard to derail them.
                In stories of this kind the suspension of belief is necessary. The concept that a person can enter the soul of another is a bit jarring. Rubart in the author’s note states that idea of entering a persons’ soul is fiction on his part.
                The book ends with the implication that there is going to be a sequel. The battle has begun.
                The reader it is written for is the Christian who wants a good knuckle biting story. It holds a person’s interest throughout as it imparts information.
The book is published by Thomas Nelson. The next book in the series “Memory’s Door’ is coming out in August 2013.

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