Friday, September 9, 2011

James Patterson's New Venture

I don't know how new new it is because Patterson has the habit of co-writing at the present time with so many other authors--each seems to be a series-- that he is always present in the New Book Section of the Santa Monica Library. This is where I pick up his books to read. This one he wrote with a Michael Ledwidge. It is named Now You See Her It is a suspense novel told mostly in first person from the woman's pov. (Point Of View) it is intersperced with third person from Peter's point of  view. This helps the mounting tension as she disappears and later shows up again and a hunter/ hunted motif is used. But mostly the motif of  chase is used. As Paterson's co-authored books go, this is well done. His formula of short chapters, terse language is seen here. Just enough red herrings are used to keep the reader guessing to the end. Is her husband a wife killer? Is she the next? That's one plot line. Another is: who is the Jump Killer? Someone is killing women and leaving them tied up in jump cords. The main character knows the one on death row for the crime isn't the killer. How is she going to prove that and still keep away from Peter whom she has managed to run away from all these years?
   For readers of Patterson novels I recommend this one.

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