Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christian Science exposed

For those of you out there who wondered just what happens to a person who is a Christian Scientist and is ill, this is the book for you. Titled  fathermothergod and subtitled My Journey Out Of Christian Science by Lucia Greenhouse, this book follows a daughters experience with the philosophy of the Christian Science Church concerning illness and death. She watches as her mother contracts cancer and is bedridden and slowly dies while her father watches as a Christian Science Practitioner. The author shows the result of denying illness and sickness as an error of the mind.
  Greenhouse never was a member of the Christian Science Church but is the daughter of a father who lead his wife and one of his children into the mind sect.
  It is well written and not preachy. She doesn't rush the prose. It flows in a straight line. The shocker at the end is enough to make a person wonder about the folowers of this belief system.
  I plan sometime in the future to take up a series on Cults in my blog,
  please feel free to comment at any time. I will read your input and respond. I promise.

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