Friday, March 3, 2017

The Wrong Side of GoodBye by Michael Connelly

   For all of us Harry Bosch lovers this is another adventure we have been waiting for. No matter how long it is between publishing, it seems to take at least a year or more from the time it is released to the agent who scouts out the book to publication.
   Connelly seems to alternate between Bosch and the Lincoln Lawyer in his output. I find the Lincoln Lawyer to be not as good as his Bosch series, although they are related characters. Connelly presents them as half brothers.
   You will find the Lincoln Lawyer in this story helping Bosch with one of his cases.
As in most good novels there are plots and subplots. The plot has to do with a missing heir. The subplot is a rapist.
   For fans of Bosh you know the novels are chronological. In this one he is pursuing the job of a private investigator. He still is able to use the equipment at the station.
   Asked by a dying billionaire to try to locate a possible offspring who can inherit his estate Bosh runs into opposition. At the same time he must find and stop a rapist who is picking on a certain type of female.
   The ending where the two stories are brought to a conclusion is very satisfying.
   I would recommend this book to all fans of Bosch.

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