Saturday, November 5, 2016

True Faith and Allegiance by Alberto R. Gonzales

Every once in a while a memoir is written that informs people about a time in history that needs to be remembered and understood correctly.
Such is a time Gonzales spent as the first Hispanic US Attorney General and counsel to President George W. Bush. This memoir covers the years 2000 to 2007.
The story, being autobiographical as well as apologetic forms a good piece of source material for a future author who will research the period of 9/11 and after.
It took a strong man to guide the President through the things history threw at him; such things as terrorism, Al Qaeda, government surveillance, and Supreme Court nominations.
All the players are here. All the senators, the officials, the bit players-they are brought on stage and play their part in the struggle Gonzales faced as a friend of Bush.
It may have been different if there wasn’t these struggles brought on by life, but Gonzales was victorious in the end. It was his faith in God and his loyalty to authority that helped him.
 I found this book to be truthful sharing successes and failures without apology. I would recommend this for all history classes.
I received this book gratis from for the purpose of review. At no time was I required to like it.

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