Monday, March 14, 2016

This Is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes

There are moments when you feel awkward. It seems you want to mention something but it just doesn’t seem to be the time or place to do so. You feel there is a gap between what you actually are and what you should be.
   You struggle to hide it.
   There are some subjects you feel should not be discussed in public. These subjects include divorce, depression, and pornography. And those were just a few.
   This book is published by Thomas Nelson and is written by a campus minister so it covers issues most young people face.
   Rhodes gently handles with humor subjects that most often are not handled in public. It took humility to do so.
   The area of the pornography addiction often is not spoken about. It needed to be aired. Rhodes does a good service by including it. He tells it like it is. For someone from the millennial generation he is okay.
   Rhodes is a big presence on the Internet and has written for the Huffington Report, Salon and Christianity Today. So he knows how to write. He connects well with his readers.
   This book was sent to me without cost by to be reviewed. There was under no  obligation to give a positive review and I was allowed to express my own opinion.

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