Friday, December 11, 2015

The Theory of Death by Faye Kellerman

 Here it is- another Decker/ Lazarus Mystery. It is a welcome addition to the series which has seen Decker and Rita join together as husband and wife and raise a family while Decker solves murder cases for the LA Police department and Rina provides the wisdom from the Torah to the cases.
   Now Decker has retired from the LAPD and relocated to Greenbury, New York on their police force. He still confronts murder cases.
   This time it concerns the death of a math student found nude in the snow. A loaner. Very bright. A Mennonite. It looks like suicide, but is it?
   This time Decker is joined by Tyler McAdams, a former Greenbury detective who is now in his first year of law studies who is using the Decker house as a place to finish up his study for a law exam.
Tyler finds himself more interested in the case than in his studies.
   Together they penetrate the echelons of higher education when it comes to the area of mathematics and the mathematical prodigies at Kneed Loft College.
   Another nude body is found, this one is an adviser in the math department. Decker and McAdams must find and bring the murderer to justice.
   As always it is told using multiple viewpoints. Most mysteries work well when this viewpoint is used.
I enjoy this series and look forward to each new addition. Kellerman is still able to present a good story.

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  1. I didn't know Mennonites went away to school we have Mennonites here in ky