Friday, December 12, 2014

Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D.

They are different. If you were to look at them they don’t seem different. But they are and the area it shows up most is in the thinking.
A person not of a criminal mind will perhaps do something wrong and feel shame. A person with the criminal mind, no matter what the age, can do things and not feel remorse. Maybe they may even conclude that the other person somehow deserved it.
It can be traced to the childhood period. It starts out with lack of feeling for others and their property. It is seen in the attitude of superiority to authority. A person with the criminal mind set sets up and lives by different rules and may get violent or quiet whatever suits the purpose.
To use psychological terms we can ask-Is it nurture or nature?
This revised and updated edition of a study of the criminal mind is welcome. It may not answer the question to your satisfaction, but it presents something to think about.
Samenow spends time analyzing the activities of the criminal mind. He seems to say it is nature not nurture that causes it. That paired with the habit of others to placate or try to smooth over the mishaps of the criminal person.
It is a very enjoyable read for sociology classes. It could be a recommended read.
This book was sent to me free from to be reviewed. I was not obligated to give it a high rating. The opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and do not expressed any views of the publisher.

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