Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Good Suicides by Antonioi Hill

        Is there ever a thing as a good suicide? And if there is, who determines that?
        This is a fiction thriller written by a Spanish author. That means the pace is not as fast as an American novel. There are no bodies showing up every other chapter. More time is spent on the development of characters and atmosphere. Still this is a plot driven novel.
        Sometimes a story is just a good story. Since characters and plot are so tightly linked together in this case we have a thriller that moves by characters interacting with layers of memories.
        There are three deaths that look like suicides, but there are no notes left behind. Only a photo of three dogs hung from a tree is found near the bodies.
        This is the second in what may be a series concerning inspector Hector Salgado. He is presented as a person working through some problems of his own.
        The style of thriller reminds me of books by Deborah Crombie is that it is told in second person and multiple viewpoint. The interests of the characters play a part in the development of the plot as linked with the characters.
        This book is written well and sustains tension. Hill keeps your interest in the story.
 It is a book for escapists. One of the reasons we read is for pleasure and I am sure you will get pleasure out of this book.
        This book was given to me free for reviewing on my blog by blogging for books and there was no requirement I give a positive review.  All viewpoints expressed are those of the reviewer and do not reflect those of the publisher.

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