Thursday, April 3, 2014

Command Authority by Tom Clancy

                He has done it again. He has authored a book that will have you on the edge of your seat. That is, if you like thrillers that seem to be taken out of today’s headlines.
                Russia is invading Ukraine, the small area of Crimea. The Russian President, Veleri Volden wants to restore Russia to what it once was.
                That is one level of plot.
                It starts with a visit to the President of the United States- Jack Ryan, Sr. The visitor is an old friend from the soviet bloc. It is discovered he is dying of a radioactive agent. The United States will be blamed for the death.
Meanwhile the president hears of the attack planned on Crimea. President Ryan has to protect Ukraine.
                Meanwhile Jack Jr. is now in London working as an accountant for a firm. But he can’t hide he is the President’s son. He is being followed everywhere he goes and soon he is involved in espionage.
                The story is told in two time lines. The present day is backed up with thirty years ago where it all began. The story is told mostly in the present day  
                The people following Jack Jr. are from a gang called seven strong men. Soon people are dying. And as in most Clancy tales you don’t know who to trust for safety.
                The story is typical Clancy. But in saying typical I must not be misinterpreted to mean same. It is not a put down. Clancy was able to tell good stories that had multiple layers.
                Clancy died in November 2013 and the copyright on the book is 2013. Just how did he know Russia was going to attack Crimea?
                This book is coauthored by Mark Greaney who also coauthored Treat Vector.
                If you like Tom Clancy and enjoy fast action that intensifies and doesn’t slow, you will enjoy this book.
Command Authority (Jack Ryan)

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