Friday, December 13, 2013

All You Want To Know About Hell by Steve Gregg

   If you are one of those people who like to think deeply on theological subjects, than this may be the next book to read. Gregg contends there are three highly held viewpoints out there in the evangelical world, either one of which still can be defended through history.
     You may be surprised to read who in present day Christendom is in which camp.
     The three views are the traditionalist view that says hell is eternal and never ending. Then there is the Condition view that states Hell is for a time and then the souls are annihilated. The third one is that the unsaved go to hell but after a period of time are reconciled to God. This reminds me of the doctrine the Roman Catholics hold called purgatory. In the back of the book the three views are detailed and a chart is offered with the scripture verse, the held point of view, and the refutation. It is helpful to get the argument expressed in a way you can understand.
        I enjoyed the book. I am one of those who like to be challenged when it comes to doctrine.
       I feel the book is more for seminary students to have during their systematic theology course to consider other viewpoints. It is not a book for the common reader who may not understand the nuances of debate. Having said that I feel it is a well written and deserves to be read widely.
       I was given this book free to review by BookSneeze as one of their blog reviewers. I placed it on my blog as a part of the requirements. The viewpoints expressed are those of the reviewer and not of the publisher. I wasn’t required to give a positive review.

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