Monday, October 21, 2013

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper with Cecil Murphy

           In  an earlier review I did the book “A Walk through the Dark” by Eva Piper. This book “90 Minutes in Heaven” is the book by her husband concerning the incident spoken of in the book by Eva. It was written long before Eva’s story.
                I decided after reading the book by Eva that I would seek out and find what the whole story was. I really don’t hold much credence for tales of out of the body experiences. In fact, being a Bible believer I question most spiritual occurrences.
                Rev. Piper was driving home from a Bible conference in 1989 when he was hit by a truck, his car was demolished, and he died. The medics who came upon the scene can document that. For 90 minutes he was reported to be in heaven. He describes it as a place of light and music.
                He was brought back to life through the prayers and singing of a Rev. Dick Onerecker. Part of what was asked for was that there be no close brain injury or internal injury.
                God answered that prayer.
                 This book details the recovery and the subsequent ministry of Piper.
                From this book you can see the power of prayer and the slow but steady recovery of an injured body.
                I liked this book mostly because Piper doesn’t glory in the fact that he was allowed to see heaven. He doesn’t major on that. In that case he is like the Apostle Paul who also got a glimpse of heaven but wouldn’t major on that fact. I would recommend this book for people who need to realize the power of prayer on one hand and the reassurance that God has a plan for our lives.  
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