Thursday, August 22, 2013

Men On Strike by Helen Smith PhD

   Men seem to be opting out of life. Fewer are getting married. Fewer are really working in the workforce. Few are leading their families.
            More are wimping out when it comes to asserting their leadership. With this behavior they are endangering women.
            You would think a book on this subject would be written by a man. Yet this book is written by a woman. From that perspective it is refreshing. It is not that a man couldn’t write this book. It is a case of  man being feminized and finally fighting back by dropping out. By dropping out I take to mean men not pushing himself forward
        They drop out because they don’t want to be harmed by the  myriads of laws, attitudes and backlash against them. Just looking at the paternity cases. The woman just has to say this man is the father and the man has no way to fight back or even get visitation rights. The cards are stacked against him because he is a male, Dr. Smith points out.
            But now men are fighting back. In their rational and logical mind they decided to drop out. If they don’t get involved in the first place, they figure, they can’t get hurt. If the woman won’t play according to the rules, then they don’t start the play. Everyone for himself.
           No longer women and children first.  That was the rule before feminism went wild. Rules used to be women were to be protected but now women want to be in the army, in the men only clubs, in the stressful employment positions., just to mention a few areas that used to be areas men could be themselves in
Women have places they as women can associate with their own sexes without men. It seems men are no longer able to let their hair down, so to speak.
            “Our society is made better by men who are productive, happy and treated with fairness. We have only ourselves to blame if we do not turn the tide of the war on men.”, Smith concludes.                                                      
            A chapter is here on what can be done to fight back. I recommend the book to anyone wanting to understand the shift in  society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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