Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Grammar Books You May Have Missed

Then other day I was just thinking about this blog, well ,all my blogs.. and about my writing style. That , of course, made me think about my two grammar books I use to refresh myself.
   I am not sure they are still in print or even being offered. If in print I will give links so that you, my reader, will be able to get a copy for yourself
 The first is a small one that has become a classic.
 It is the basic Stuck and White, Elements of Style


Well, what do you know. It is still there.

The other grammar book I use is Grammar for Smart People by Barry White.
... That one exists also.

So that means I am using  books that you can also. I highly recommend them to you. It is a painless way to recall what you thought you knew when you were being forced to memorize principles of grammar.

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