Thursday, January 3, 2013

Librares And Bookstores

  I understand that most of you reading this blog and its posts are wondering, just where can I read or purchase these items he reviews?
  That is simple
   You can use your local library.  There is no guarentee that the book will be there, but chances are that if they keep on on what is being purchased and read then sooner or later they will vote on it.
    Or you could purchase your book at or at Barnes and Noble. This is both the brick and mortar and the on-line.
   If you purchased you will have your own copy and don't have to worry about a time limit such as is imposed by a library.
     Since I get my books as a reviewer for blog programs such as, the blogging for books program, and I don't worry about the time limit. And when I am done I often decide to donate the book to the library in my area.

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