Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reunited by Pamela Slaton with Samantha Marshall

  Have you ever wondered just what a person who is looking for their birthparents is going through?
  Pamela Slaton is the person to ask. She is an adoptee as well as one of the people who makes a living looking and locating the birthparents.
   They first must want to be found. Some of the stories in here  are just that way. Some birthparents don't want to be found. Others are looking but don't know what to do.  Slaton tells both stories.
    I found this book to be very informative. There is a lot you don't know about the process. Some adoptees want to keep it quiet. Others actively seek. Some hide it because it is a family secret. Some just want to forget it happened. But for those who seek and find there is a form of completeness achieved.
    I recommend this book for everyone.

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