Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Illusion By Frank Peretti

What we have here is a space time distortion story. Peretti handles time lines in a suspenseful manner. Holding in mind that this is not a polemic on reincarnation or mind transmigration helps.
 The previous paragraph is because Peretti  is a Christian writer who has penned in the past stories of spiritual warfare. In fact the first stories I have read of his were the ones he is best known for, “This Present Danger” and “Piercing The Darkness” Therefore my first reaction to someone reappearing younger and still retaining memories of a former life was one of  appearance of  error. Christians are warned against any appearance of deceit. Yet if you realize Peretti is trying to tell a story using science fiction techniques you can suspend your disbelief long enough to get a good read.
            The title "Illusions" has to do with  stage magic where illusion is the purpose of the entertainment. Add to that a computer that can manipulate time streams- another illusion, and a race to set things right and you have the template.
            I feel this book should be approached with caution. Don’t buy into the eastern philosophy that threads through the book. It is a dangerous area for a Christian to be in. Peretti ventures in and will no doubt leave you wondering did he write this book for money or what? 
            I don’t recommend this book unless you are firm in your faith. Even then I would say approach with caution.

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