Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swipe by Evan Angler

Swipe         This book set in the future not too long from now is a young adult book  for teens. It tells the story of  identity, of belonging to a group. All issues that young people face.  
          The story opens with a kidnapping. No one reports it. What is going on?
        What if you  saw your sister go to get marked and she never came  back? Now you are about to be thirteen and you feel you are being watched?  Why are you being watched?
Once you reach your thirteenth birthday you can get the mark on your wrist that will enable you to buy and sell without your parents authorization. You can  become your own person. Who wouldn’t want that? Everyone gets the mark. You can’t buy or own anything without it.
But you don’t want it. Do you have a choice?
There is a group of the unmarked. They must be hunted down and made to conform.
            Your best friend is acting strange. And there is that new girl who just came a few days ago from another city. She has the mark. Her dad works for the organization called Dome.
You have to find out what happened to your sister. Somehow there is a connection between the mark and her disappearance.
            This is a good beginning of a series. It shows a promise of  further adventure..
As we close the book the main character is on the run. The  building is burning. There is no turning back.
I am a reviewer for booksneeze and I received this book free from the publisher to be reviewed. I was not obligated to give it a positive review and the opinions expressed are the reviewers and not those of the publisher.

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