Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Shot of Faith by Mitch Stokes, Phd

A Shot of Faith (to the Head)This is a book we have been waiting for. It will help the Christian confront the world view of the common man. By common I mean your neighbor maybe even those who read this book.
            The going explanation for things existing is something called Evidentialism. This is the reasoning that we can only know what we see. It states that  rational beliefs require sufficient evidence Yet we have been told by science that there is not enough or sufficient evidence for the belief held by Christians that there is a God. Stokes states and proves that that is just not true.
            The view taken in this book is a philosophical one. As you read it the tone draws you along. It is if a friend were walking beside you.
            I found this a very well written and easy to follow explanation. It ends with a look at science and evil mentioned as the two straw men the atheist  uses to prove their view of the world. Stokes shows how they are on unsteady ground. We need to stand our ground and keep a dialogue going with the non-believer. We need to be able to answer his explanation with a sound reasoning. We may not be able to convince him of our view of reality, but we should not sound unlearned.
            This book should be helpful  for everyone. I liked it and found it a good introduction to apologetics.
            I received this book from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own and not those of the publisher. 


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  2. Dane!

    I have really enjoyed your reviews of books especially the one you did on 'A shot of faith to the head'. Your careful discernment and absorbtion into the book really shows not only how much you like to read but that you read for understanding. I am writing because I just published a book and would love to get your review of it (no matter what you end up thinking of it!). It would help me not only in exposure but I really appreciate a review from someone who will give their attention to it.

    The book is actually only a part of a large project called 'Days With Jesus'. It combines the book, which walks the reader through the first half of the Gospel of John, with numerous videos shot on-location in Israel hosted on the website where a person can see where that particular Day took place. I call the book a 'Docuvotional' as I attempt to take the reader through the life of Jesus as told to us by His disciple John, then help the reader to try and apply the teachings in a devotional manner.

    I can send you the ebook if you would like to read it unless you would prefer a different format. Feel no rush but if you would like to do a write-up on it I would be grateful. Please just shoot me an email if it interests you to do a review so I can be on the lookout for it.

    Thanks for your consideration!