Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Called To Controversy by Ruth Rosen

Called to Controversy   God has the habit of using ordinary people sold out to Him.God just uses people sold out to him. Such was a man known as Moishe Rosen who God used to turn Jewish Evangelism on its' heels. It wasn't his dream to start a new movement. I am sure he would have been content staying with the American Board Of Missions To The Jews, but his ideas pushed him out of the nest, so to speak.
      I found this biography by Ruth Rosen, one of the daughters of Moishe, to be an exciting and informative book. There just aren't enough books of ordinary people who let God use them in extraordinary ways. I am happy that Thomas Nelson decided to publish this book.
     Rosen has a pace of writing that moves you along. She uses the techniques of foreshadowing and  humor in the telling of the life of her father She doesn't gloss over Moise's weaknesses. After all, she lived with him and saw him with his warts.There are lots of memories of people who worked with him and were mentored by him weaved into the story. Rosen makes use of direct quotes and first hand intertviews gathered in her research.
      I recommend this book. Even those who think they know him will be pleasantly drawn along with the story.
    I am a book reviewer for Booksneeze who provided this book to be reviewed. I was not required to give a positive review All viewpoints are mine and don't necessarily represent the views of the publisher or Booksneeze.

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