Friday, February 17, 2012

The Scroll by Grant R. Jeffrey

     This book is suspenseful and an attempt to tell in story form a possible but not probable future event in God's sovereign rule.
      The author Grant R. Jeffrey is reported to be an internaionally respected Bible teacher of prophecy and eschalology. I have not heard of him. He brings his understanding of future events into the story.
      It is told in multi-viewpoints but mostly it follows an archeologist called David Chambers as he searches for the lost temple in Jerusalem and its artifacts. To do so he must put aside his doubts about God and His love., It seems to be a story of seeking for things lost- lost faith, lost love, lost artifacts.
     This book is written more for the Christian reader. I would say that the publisher Waterbrook Press is not a cross over publisher.
     I found this enjoyable and action filled. The opposition is real. The personal interaction between the major characters rings true.
    I would recommend this for people who are looking for a good read.

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