Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tyndale Biography

    The book is "Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice" by David Teems.
     If you can have only one book on Tyndale in your library, this may be the one. The author , David Teems, shows some love for the period that Tyndale lived in. He also shows a deep interest in the Reformation and how it came to England.
    Tyndale was a contemporary of Martin Luther (Not the civil rights guy) and  Henry VIII also with Thomas More and Shakespeare.
    It was Tyndale who brought the Scriptures into England and translated the Scripture into that mother tongue. He had to do it in secret because the Roman church was so strong in those days; they controled the scripture. No one was allowed to touch it except for the priests.
    It was Tyndale who gave us the flowing pace of the scripture passages we know and love and memorize today.. And he did it from the Greek. He didn"t have any other translations to build upon. Yes, Wycliffe had a translation. But that was from the Latin text and in middle English. Tyndale gives us a modern English translation.
     Today we can look back at the translation we have. All this is welcome to Tyndale.
     The attempts Sir Thomas More, the lap dog of HenryVIII, used to discredit Tytndale are mentioned here also.
      It wasn"t easy bringing out a English translation in those days. Tydale can even be credited with bringing the reformation to England. Germany had Luther. Geneva had Calvin. But England had Tyndale.
      I recommend this book highly for an easy to read and flowing story.

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